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Tue18/08/2013|14:19:11PM||Paolo|ilpaolino2003|magnifico!!!!|Saw your show and it was amazing! Best memory of our holiday. Still laughing when we talk about your spectacle. Grzaie mille!|0||0| Tue31/07/2012|11:23:20AM||Jamie||show amsterdam|(English translation follows below)

30 July 2012
Was ik in amsterdam met opa en oma bij uw show ben 4 jaar en heb u geholpen met de kegel aangeven uw show is een geweldig openbaar optreden.Ik vond het geweldig veel geluk en succes verder.

July 30 2012
I was in amsterdam at your show with grandpa and grandma. I am 4 years old and helped you with giving you the club. Your show is a great public performance.I liked it a lot. Good luck and success.|0||0| Wed11/08/2010|21:11:47PM||David||U was great|Hey Frank, I saw ur performance today on the Dam square It was really enjoyable. And your also a really funny guy. Haha. Thanks for the street performance it was amazing.|0||0| Wed11/08/2010|21:11:31PM||michaela||ur amazing....|hey im michaelina from todays show on the dam square. i loved ur preformance, lets meet later? email me back if u wanna meet up, maybe u could come to my place.
!!! cya|0||0| Tue27/07/2010|21:24:49PM||brian|brian|great|yo superfrank, i had a shit rough day today and then i saw your show, you just turned it around. thanks a lot man for a great show and a bunch of great laughs, you made my day. cheers, brian.|1||0| Wed28/07/2010|20:33:51PM||SuperFrank||Re: great|Thanks Brian.

Your message is a reward better than money - YOU are making MY day. Really.


|0|reply=|1| Sun13/06/2010|22:40:10PM||dion||hi|which is your email or your facebook re malaka;|0||0| Mon09/11/2009|00:44:37AM||Melinda||you're the best!|SuperFrank!

I saw you in the beginning of August this year just passing through the square. My boyfriend and I ended up watching you 6 or 7 more times throughout the weekend. We are going to be back in Amsterdam at the end of this month, will you be performing? We were so looking forward to seeing you again!|1||0| Wed11/11/2009|09:13:40AM||SuperFrank||Re: you're the best!|Hi Melinda,

Wow... you watched 6 or 7 times, I must be gooooood ;-) Sorry, no more shows for a while, I am having a winter break now, I really need it... Besides, it's FREEZING! Yes, I am just human...


|0|reply=|1| Thu27/08/2009|13:42:27PM||rina||dear frank!|hi! I am an asian girl who went to Amsterdam for my vacation. I stayed there for three days and saw quite a few street shows but never finished watching them, due to my schedule! but you, your show made me watch the whole performance for the first time. :-) I was there on the day you performanced with an Israelite, and a little kid who basically couldn't speak english and had no parents :P haha I was right behind him :-) anyway, I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your show and you made my stay in Amsterdam more richer! I think you are a man with great charisma! :D so please keep it up! :)

|0||0| Tue25/08/2009|11:06:21AM||Dustin|dama|dama|Have seen his show on amsterdam - GREAT!|0||0| Fri31/07/2009|22:51:47PM||justafan||he is back !|Hey Supersuperfrank ! I come to amsterdam quit often, great to see you back again ! Reagrds from a big fan !|0||0| Thu14/05/2009|19:42:20PM||Harry Fegan||Awesome Show|Saw your show in Dam Square 2007, Great Show.. Hope to see you next time i go to A'Dam|0||0| Tue23/09/2008|22:27:42PM||kiros hadgu||frank the best performer|hey frank you are one of the funniest performers i ever meet keep it up

|0||0| Tue15/07/2008|13:21:54PM||Claudia|sorry|Awesome Frank|Saw your show last saturday, it was just awesome! Very very nice!!
Claudia from Germany|0||0| Mon07/07/2008|11:38:19PM||Martin|xxxxxxxx|Ur show|Hi superfrank,we had a looot of fun watching your supershow yesterday ,keep it up!!!!!!
:))) Martin|0||0| Sun25/05/2008|17:45:28PM||Linda||yesterday!|We sw your show yesterday, it was just GREAT!!!!! Thakns for a great time and keep going!!!!!!
Regards from Linda and Harold|0||0| Tue06/05/2008|00:16:13AM||jay r||Great show!|Hi Frank, caught your show last Saturday (3rd May) -= quality stuff, great show. Made my day!

Jay, UK|0||0| Thu06/03/2008|21:36:11PM||Julie||Hi there|Wow - kind of did not think you're still working on the streets... haven seen you basically every year every day I was in Amsterdam between 1997 and 2002... and afterwards when I'm back in Europe. First with the Spice Boys, then - thank God!!! - solo on the Dam Square (although you never told me you switched location - bad! bad! bad! Found out anyway - hehe!). Just read the messages on the board you answered - there is one from 2002 asking for the hot canadian performer... You said it was Acron - did he go under AJ when he was performing?? Very athletic, bright red dyed hair?? What ever happened to this guy, you know?
BTW, when does season start this year? You still up? And working around August??
Well, hope to see you again this year - enjoyed your show every single time I saw it.


P.S. Ever remember a VERY long email about the past, present and future of a girl with and without the spice boys...? Asking for a video? And you actually replied and sent me a CD with small footage of the show...? That was me!|1||0| Thu13/03/2008|17:00:44PM||SuperFrank||Re: Hi there|Hi Julie,

I remember :) Yeah, I'm still performing, I can't resist the natural(?) high it creates ;-)

Probably I will be performing on the street during the upcoming Easter weekend, if weather and my mood permits. Then next, anywhere between March (oops, that's NOW) and July - sounds flexible, eh? In August for sure, no choice ;-)

Further, check your mail...


|0|reply=|1| Fri14/09/2007|14:25:18PM||Abby Turner|- hidden -|brilliant!!|Hi,

I watched your show in Amsterdam this year and thought it was very good!!! You managed to keeo the WHOLE audience (approx 250 people) entertained absolutely BRILLIANT!! Bravo x|0||0| Wed12/09/2007|08:43:04AM||theo.dieterich|THEO.DIETERICH@KUEHNE-NAGEL.COM|GREAT|Hi Frank i watched your show
in Amsterdam last saturday
and i thought it was great till the moment you stopped
so suddenly,i don t think
this is the way to win people for your show
however i liked it till you stopped|1||0| Sat15/09/2007|13:02:07PM||SuperFrank||Re: GREAT|Hi Theo,

Thank you - and sorry... But let me explain something.

Of course I don't 'win' the audience by stopping the show. Stopping a show prematurely is something I only do by very rare exception.

In this case, I felt most of the audience was not really into it from the very beginning. One part was busy with phoning, organizing their shoppings, and feeding their kids. Another part looked as if I was some alien speaking an incomprehensable language. Another part was looking at me as if I was insulting them or so. Some people I asked to do something reacted in a negative way, or just refused. And yes, also a part was clearly enjoying and supportive, but unfortunately this part was only a handful of people in an audience of a few hundred.

It happens more often that an audience is difficult in the beginning, one way or another. Then I try to turn that around - and usually that works, more or less, sooner or later. But in this case I didn't see any development in that direction.

Then on top of that a drunk guy repeatedly disturbed the show. Also this happens more often. Usually I can handle it and turn that around. Not in this case, though. He kept being insulting and verbally offensive and agressive, to me and the audience, whoever could hear what he was saying. When his verbal aggression looked to turn into physical aggression, for me, that was 'the drop that flooded the bucket'. A small additional detail is that I was on a tall unicycle. Although I feel pretty solid on my unicycle, I am still quite vulnerable. I don't want to break my neck, not in general, and especially not in this case.

Besides doing shows professionally, as a way of making a living, I also want to have at least some fun, especially because this show was going to be the last show of the season in Amsterdam.

So I decided to stop the show. I think the decision to stop was right. Hopefully, you understand that the balance between good and bad was too far out, and the 'price' to continue too high.

I am very sorry for the few people that did enjoy the show so far anyway. That's why I tried to explain why I stopped and apologized when I stopped, and that's why I do it again now to you and on this message board.

I hope one day you will get to see my show again, and that time in full power and joy. I'm sure you will notice the difference ;-)

Once again, thanks for being one of the few who *did* enjoy and who *were* supportive. Once again, I'm sorry for not fulfilling the promise I made and expectation I created.


|0|reply=|1| Tue04/09/2007|20:06:28PM||Paola||You're great!|Hi Frank, I saw your show last sunday in Amsterdam, it has been fantastic!
I hope I'll see you again.
Good luck!
Paola - Caserta, Italy|0||0| Wed29/08/2007|15:18:57PM||Pascaline *******|- hidden -|HELLO!!!!|Hello SuperFrank!

I was In Amsterdam on the 21st of august and i saw your show, which was really great! I have remained to the Netherlands with my dutch boyfriend (and i am french!!!). Each time i am in holland, i go to amsterdam, but it was the 1st time i saw you there! Nice surprise! Next time, i will look if you are there to see your show again! Good luck for the future, and good whatever you want!
And congratulations!

Pascaline, from France.|0||0| Mon27/08/2007|23:56:01PM||Stefano||Super !|Frank,
I and my family saw you three times in Amsterdam, this month. Sorry for my bad english I'm sure I've just done several mistakes in writing but I hope the meaning is right.
I write you for two reasons:
1) to tell you that your show is very, very, nice. Otherwise we didn't saw it for three time, obviously ;
2) to ask you where you was born. It's only a curiosity, I think you said during the show that you've born in Switzerland, but I'm not sure.

I wish you all possible satisfaction whith your work.

Stefano, Rome, Italy
|2||0| Tue28/08/2007|10:34:02AM||SuperFrank||Re: Super !|Hi Stefano,

1. Thanks!

2. No, I'm not Swiss, I am from Amsterdam - but I am okay ;-)


|0|reply=|1| Tue28/08/2007|00:01:57AM||Stefano||Re: Super !|Oooops ...

I just realize that my email address (stefano.dellaccio@.....) is publicized on the board.
Please, if you can, cancel it, or mask it. Just because I receive already enough SPAM ! Thank you !
|2|reply=|1| Tue28/08/2007|10:35:28AM||SuperFrank||Re: Super !|Done.

That makes me think, I should change that in the script. For now, I added an announcement/warning.
|1|reply=|2| Tue28/08/2007|16:05:57PM||Stefano||Re: Super !|Thank you for removing my real email address !|0|reply=www.superfrank.comTue28/08/200710:35:28AM|3| Tue28/08/2007|00:20:34AM||Stefano||Re: Super !|Surfing your site, I realized that I must congratulate whith you also for this work. It's a great site, and I see you are expert also in information technology, isn't you ? Otherwise how could you know about "Software Patents in Europe" ?
It's a pity that not so much people can understand that type of subjects.|0|reply=|2| Mon27/08/2007|13:14:53PM||Karol & Ola||Greetings from Poland !|Great show in Amsterdam ;]|0||0| Thu23/08/2007|13:44:16AM||Benn Sanderson|xxxxx|WELL DONE!|MY FRIEND AND I SAW YOU IN AMSTERDAM SEVERAL TIMES BETWEEN 17 AND 22 AUGUST. WE FOUND THE SHOW JUST AS FUNNY EVERYTIME. YOU REALLY MADE OUR FIRST VISIT VERY MEMORABLE! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

Benn Sanderson|0||0| Wed22/08/2007|01:09:23AM||julie||whyfrankisindeedsuper|Cycling thru amsterdamse bos & swimming in the lake there; watching frank in dam square. Highlights of our holiday. Forget overpriced museums, rubbery cheese & bloody clogs. Frank is a true performer who enlivens his audience. Amsterdam too often makes you feel like a sheep waiting to be fleeced. Frank is a gem.
Long live street theatre.|1||0| Wed22/08/2007|10:57:38PM||SuperFrank||Re: whyfrankisindeedsuper|Hi Julie,

Thanks for the compliments for street theatre generally - and me specifically. I'm blushing...

But what is wrong with our cheese...? ;-)


|0|reply=|1| Sat18/08/2007|12:22:54PM||Marcel||Hey!!|Hey Frank, youre amazing.
I am from Germany and i will be in amsterdam again- in september, hope ill see you again!
your show? very funny!!
Greets from Germany
|0||0| Wed15/08/2007|11:31:28AM|||| (BG)| 1

Hi.I'm from BULGARIA.My name is Stanimir.I see you show in Amsterdam (8 August).You are very funny|0||0| Wed15/08/2007|09:24:46AM||Jan Koster||VERY FUNNY|Hi Frank, We watched your show yesterday, It was a good and funny show. We enjoyed it very much. Next week we come to A.dam again, hope to see you a second time. Good Luck, hope the weather stays good. grz.. Fam. Koster Alphen aan den Rijn|0||0| Mon13/08/2007|21:35:01PM||Marta and JP||Dam Square have a king now!!!|On performances like yours desire meet of returning soon to Amsterdam. We are from Barcelona (Spain). Thank you for an amazing moment on 12 August 2007.|0||0| Sat11/08/2007|17:02:02PM||Web SMS device||tank you for today p|tank you for today play.Lorenzo(the Italian child)|0||0| Tue10/07/2007|02:53:06AM||Mike|----|Amsterdam|Sa your show last weekend, just great! Keep up the great work man!
Greetings from Mike from Florida|0||0| Mon09/07/2007|21:55:25PM||Charlotte|sorry|The best|hello superfrank, we were in amsterdam for one weak and you are the best of all amsterdam|0||0| Sun08/07/2007|18:01:30PM||Vera||your performance|Please switch jobs.|1||0| Sun08/07/2007|18:07:24PM||SuperFrank||Re: your performance|Why?|0|reply=|1| Tue26/06/2007|17:02:36PM||kirsten||back again!!!|great you are back SUPER frank!!!! love your show! bye from kirsten|0||0| Fri06/04/2007|00:11:00AM||John Marks.||When Begin your Show on the Dam for this Summer.|HI Frank

Welcome back in Amsterdam

When Begin your Show on the Dam for this Summer ?

Mark Seymour is already on Dam.

Every Day here on the Dam.

The Show with his Jacket & his Underwear.|1||0| Fri06/04/2007|18:41:09PM||SuperFrank||Re: When Begin your Show on the Dam for this Summer|Hi Mark,

I've done the first show today. Still recovering from a flu - hey, I may be SUPERFrank, but still I'm human ;-) Anyway, the season has begun!


|0|reply=|1| Sat31/03/2007|01:15:37AM||John Marks.||When Begin your Show on the Dam|Frank

When begin your Show on the Dam for this summer ?
Mark Seymour begin this week with the show on the Dam with his coat.
|0||0| Sun04/03/2007|21:39:57PM||Gulnaz||Will never forget your show|Is there any chance to see your street performance this month? Thank you for the show, think u should charge over 100 Euro - you will still have full house.|1||0| Tue06/03/2007|12:02:03PM||SuperFrank||Re: Will never forget your show|Hi Gulnaz,

Thanks for your compliments! 'Unfortunately' donations by my street-audience are completely voluntarily, I don't 'charge'... But I wish everybody would think like you ;-) !

I don't think I will be performing this month; it's still too early in the season for the streets as well as for gigs. But never say "never"; maybe my performer's blood will start streaming faster if one weekend it's nice weather with a good spring feeling on the streets...


|0|reply=|1| Mon04/09/2006|09:17:23AM||guang||so nice!|hi,saw the images in my friend's blog,so glad to know you,greeting from china.
Hope can hear from your letter?can you do me a favor to write back to me?
my email is
welcome to china!|0||0| Thu17/08/2006|21:33:13PM||John Marks.||Music from the Show.|Hi Frank

What are the Title Tracks From the Music.

John Marks. |0||0| Wed09/08/2006|21:00:04PM||Patrick||Fun|heej Frank,
i have seen your show at 9 august 2006 , funny show men , you're great
ciao, Patrick|1||0| Thu10/08/2006|21:55:13PM||Nathalie||Re: Fun|i've seen it too =D

awesome work man!|0|reply=|1| Thu03/08/2006|14:00:10PM||Boris||SuperDuperAmsterFrank|Whasssaaaaaa!!!!!Man it was just fantastic(07/07),and it was best perfomance I evere saw in da streets.Honestly it was a greatest i ever saw..Keep going that way.I hope U will visit our pretty cold country and do that with balalayka and bears=>Peety,that U was disapointed of something and stoped your show allmost at the and..But I gave u a "paper",as u asked.Aspecially i liked f joke with a little girl,that stood next to me-it was like "Daika,do u speak english?do u speak franch?do u speak italian?do u speak?!"i\ It was awesome,Frank.Thank u 4 that great weekend in my favorite town on whole planet.
P.S. Hope Ill make a booking in a few month.It ll b great to see u in our place.From Russian mafia with love=>|0||0| Wed02/08/2006|23:57:30PM||John Marks.||Winter.|Hi Frank,

What are you going in the Winter

Stop the show in the winter or playing anywhere else.

John Marks.

|1||0| Thu03/08/2006|17:25:35PM||SuperFrank||Re: Winter.|Hi John,

In the winter I sleeeeeeeeep ...


|0|reply=|1| Wed02/08/2006|12:18:57PM||Alan||Frank!|Hi Frank,we just got into town last Monday when we bumped into your show. It was simply GREAT!!!!! It makes our stay worthwhile no matter what, thanks for a great time! Bye from Alan and Michelle|0||0| Tue01/08/2006|00:47:41AM||Tomo||Frankengrime|Dear Tomo (Ade, whatever),

I appreciate your poetic abilities, and this has been a reason for me to think twice before I deleted your post. However, the insulting swearing and calling names was going beyond the intended scope of this message board and left me no choice.

I hope in the future you will spend your time on more positive and constructive activities.


|1||0| Tue01/08/2006|14:13:22PM||Tomo||Re: Frankengrime|I'm humbled by your appreciation of my poetic skills, Frank. A real shame you couldn't allow your fanbase to share it's artistic content; but hey, such is life.
Keep making 'em smile, Frank. Maybe catch you again one day - and who knows, if your show improves, you might get those euros from us!

Tomo|0|reply=|1| Mon31/07/2006|21:10:13PM||Ade||SUPER?|Hey Frank! I was lucky enough to see your show in Leidersplein 29.07.06. Amazing Juggling skills, death defying stunts and side-splitting comedy.....were all sadly lacking. If I were you I would consider a change of career, I hear McDonalds are hiring. Ciao for now!|1||0| Mon31/07/2006|23:42:52PM||SuperFrank||Re: SUPER?|Hi Ade, I just wonder: if it was that bad, why did you watch? Nothing else to do? Maybe go to McDonalds (I hear they are hiring) and work on a career?

|0|reply=|1| Sun02/07/2006|19:59:48PM||maria||i like it|Hi Im from buenos aires and i saw your show in attendorn. I really like it!, you are the best!!!!! Thank you, maria|0||0| Mon26/06/2006|21:47:25PM||Shivangini Ramchandani||Your Show|I was in Holland from 17th till the 19th of June 2006 on my week long vacation in Europe. Your show has been one of the most memmorable days of my trip. It was funny, entertaining and interactive, especially so when you decided to involve my husband in your fire torch juggle. I hope you continue the good work of bringing smiles to so many people. Good Luck Frank!|0||0| Wed14/06/2006|00:43:19AM||evelyn||heyhey|hey i seen you'r codythebest and it is the best.the only thing why i am on here because my sister has a boyfriend named cody.write me back.|0||0| Sat29/04/2006|22:41:39PM||Kevin||Awesome|Awesome show Frank!

Keep it up!|0||0| Sun16/04/2006|18:45:13PM||Karin||Amsterdam|Hi Superfrank,

great show today, never lauhged so much! But you are dutch, aren't you? Thanks for the fantastic show!

Karin|0||0| Sat15/04/2006|20:17:42PM||Sabine||Super!!!!|Superfrank! I saw your show three times. Ilove your show.......and you! Sometimes you go to Germany?|0||0| Thu12/01/2006|16:40:32PM||flavio||help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!|I' m looking for a dutch girl! I love amsterdam, and I want to know some holland girls. please contact me!!!
I' m nice like superfrank, and a handsome boy, like supe... different of superfrank. I wait a girl to love. I' m waiting....|0||0| Fri30/09/2005|16:45:12PM||Jesus (not the one from even)||Read me ;D|Hi Frank! i saw your in Amesterdam, it was simply beautyful, realy the best street show i ever saw. I hope you could come to my country (Portugal), it would be great and i'm know you would be very weel received by the portuguese people ;D
I hope you have time to answer me.
Good luck

PS1: I gave you money ;) lol

PS2: you deserved it ;D
|1||0| Sat01/10/2005|16:51:15PM||SuperFrank||reply subject|Hi Jesus,

>> Read me > I hope you have time to answer me. <<

Check your mail ;-)


|0|reply=|1| Tue27/09/2005|22:55:16PM||Nati||simply the best!|Hello! I'm a 20-year-old girl from Spain (Barcelona). This summer I was in The Nederlands for almost 2 months and I have to tell you that all the times that I could see you it was simply fantastic, a really funny show in all the aspects! CONGRATULATIONS, DON'T CHANGE, NETX SUMMER I'LL VISIT YOU AGAIN! Regards from Spain.|0||0| Thu08/09/2005|13:42:25PM||karin||The show in Holland|You are best Frank :) I saw you show this summer. Me and my family had a greate time look at you. my english it not so good, but i hope you can understand. I hope you come to sewden some time :) Good luck. / karin|0||0| Wed31/08/2005|13:44:51PM||Betty Kaye||show|saw show on Saturday 27th August 2005, and can honestly say that I was entertained more than the entertainment on board the cruise ship I was travelling on! Well done Frank, keep up the good work|0||0| Wed24/08/2005|02:14:04AM||michelle||show august 23|Frank,
You truly are SUPER just as your name says! We saw your show on August 23rd and were so impressed by your talents! Thanks for a great time!

Michelle|0||0| Tue23/08/2005|15:25:53PM||Antonio||cool!!!!!!!!|Hi everyone and of course hi Frank.I was at one of your super show in Amsterdam at 21/08/2005.The show was really great and I had a great time.Frank keep on the hard work and you must know that your odience realy likes U.|0||0| Mon22/08/2005|22:04:04PM||Joana||Hi!!!|Hi, Frank. I saw your show in Amesterdam and I loved it. Will you come to Portugal? Your show is great and I'm sure the Portuguese will love you too.
Bye.|0||0| Wed10/08/2005|21:42:09PM||Robert|***|Amsterdam|Hello Frank!

My girlfriend and I, saw your show the 16/7-2005 in Amsterdam, and we thought you were great. I just wanted you to now that. Anyway have a nice summer and keep up the good job, your are a GREAT artist, and we enjoyed seeing you. I hope you will come to Denmark (Arhus) sometime.

Yours Sincerely

Robert E. Jensen, Denmark |0||0| Wed10/08/2005|12:34:48PM||alex||Will you come to Barcelona?|Hello SuperFrank!
I saw your fantastic show in Leidseplein, Amsterdam, some days ago and I found it really fun! I couldn't give 5 or my credit card as you asked ;-P but I did what I could! jeje
My question, I am from Barcelona, will you come here to show us all you know?
Thanks and congratulations!|0||0| Mon08/08/2005|00:39:07AM||rufus||great show on monday 01/08/05|i just remembered your internet site address.
and wanted to say the show was absolutely fantastic!!
it was such a hot day and you thoroughly entertained for a very long time!!
thanx again and keep up the good work!!!
(england)|0||0| Wed03/08/2005|00:23:42AM||Rob||show|I was at your show this afternoon (i gave you the torch) and my family and I had a great time
thnax|0||0| Tue02/08/2005|18:49:46PM||Guido||Thanks for a great show|Hi Frank
I saw you in Amsterdam at 23.07.05. It was very great.
I'm a musician, and I know how hard it is, to interest poeple . we wanted to go quickly to Mdme Tussaud, but then we stood almost 40 minutes on the square, with you, and it was better than the wax kabinett.(what else..?). In the end someone stole you 5 Euros. How bad can people be...?
So, bye now, watch me at or .
Guido from Germany|0||0| Tue02/08/2005|02:31:40AM||Kate||how to get a crowd|I saw your show last saterday and when you said you knew how to get a big crowd my friend thought you were going to take off your pants! It would probably work, you might get aressted but it would work. Just a thought, thanks for the great show!|0||0| Sun31/07/2005|20:20:50PM||Tabbi Trojan||Wonderful!!!|My dear, what a great show!!! Shaw you yesterday!
Hope I see you, when I come back to Amsterdam in April 2006!!!|0||0| Fri29/07/2005|22:42:29PM||Manuel||Great!|We saw your show last week in Amsterdam. We realy enjoy it, thansk for great time!
Manuel from Spain|0||0| Wed27/07/2005|19:39:59PM||Remco||Thanks to the police :(|Hello Frank,

I'm Dutch but you want us to write in English and so I do ;) And why not, also your foreign fans must know how good the Amsterdam(ned) police is in ruin your show in front of more than 200 people watching your show at plm 17.00h this afternoon. The policeman and woman were making there own show today by discussing with you for almost 20 minutes!!! And at that moment almost all people were gone. People who were very enthousiast at the beginning of your show.
I've seen your shows in Amsterdam a couple of times last years, you're very good!!, and I don't know why the police wanted to blame you on something. I mean, you know exactly what the limits in the license are and you're having fun with your shows and so you try to keep inside that limits because you want to give much and much more shows in the future!
My opinion about today: The police is absolutely crazy!!! And maybe the most idiot thing: When you walked away after the discussion they were laughing. Laughing!!! Just like if they had fun in ruining your show :S
Well, i hope to see your show again and full in the near future.

At the end I like to say 2 more things:
1. On my pictures I saw you can have very angry eyes when you are in such a discussion ;) (I think everyone has such eyes at such moments)
2. Some people still wanted to give you money but everytime you said you only want money if you've done a full show. That's great!!!!
And... I liked the lady that abolutely wanted to give you 10 euro's even after you said her 4 times you didn't want to have it without a full show but she didn't want to go away before you accepted het money. It's good to see there were many people agreeing with you. I think that also says enough!

Frank, good luck with your next shows and don't let the police ruin you! Get them!

Remco|0||0| Wed27/07/2005|12:33:08PM||Alper||very good|Your show was amazing, Frank. It was really entertaining. Good luck with your future shows! |0||0| Mon25/07/2005|10:04:58PM||GRIEDER PATRICK||---|(English translation follows below)

Hallo Frank

Wir haben am letzten Samstag Deine Show gesehen.
Es war eine tolle Sache.

Grüsse aus der Schweiz

Patrick und Freunde

Hello Frank

We saw your show last Sunday.
It was fun.

Greetings from Switzerland

Patrick and friends|0||0| Sun24/07/2005|17:31:36PM||Robin||Yeah|(English translation follows below)

Superfrank je show was echt fantastisch en iedereen van onze crew lag helemaal gevouwen van het lachen om je grappen!
vooral toen je die canadees voor de gek hield!
hahahaha super frank je bent echt de beste!

Superfrank your show was really fantastic and your jokes made everybody of our crew cracking up with laughter!
especially when you were joking with that Canadian guy!
hahahaha super frank you really are the best!|0||0| Sat23/07/2005|13:59:46PM||superhermes||supershow|i was in a'dam last week and have seen your show twice. i particularly love the way you get the audience's attention and cooperation. i am a school teacher and got quite a bit envious of your skills in these matters. (your acrobatic stunts are incredibly impressiv as well, of course.)

:-)|0||0| Mon18/07/2005|13:08:20PM||yolanda||strange|ey frank! last week, we've seen your show in adam. i liked the part with the music at the beginning! very cool and strange! yeah i loved the hole show very much! never seen before a streetartist like you! it was so funny! great! are you travelling arround? if youd like to come to switzerland, no problem! you can sleep on my sofa;)!
good luck!!!|0||0| Tue12/07/2005|22:48:05PM||Lau||lala|ah sorry frank, i was out of money.. but enjoyed the show :) |1||0| Tue12/07/2005|22:58:04PM||Viper||Re: lala|Doesn't matter lau. I paid for you some extra :)|1|reply=|1| Tue12/07/2005|23:59:15PM||SuperFrank||reply subject|Haha!

I love teamwork ... ;-)

|0|reply=|1| Mon11/07/2005|17:15:01PM||Frank||Frank,T-Shirt,Perfect Show|Hi Superfrank, My name is Frank... I was a little bores last friday when I arrived at dam square. Saw your performance 2twice and I loved it. keep on going Superfrank! I have a nice shirt with the sentence: Frank maakt meer kapot dan je lief is.(from the sire commercial) Maybe a nice shirt for your shows!|0||0| Sun10/07/2005|16:52:50PM||B'fire||unforgetable|i wish indonesian street performers could be as funny as you!! that is..if there is ANY street performers in here... i'm really glad i got 2 watch ur show before i headed back.
keep up d awesome work,,but cut the part where u touch urself..coz, dude..there were,like, children there;amsterdam, july 9th. but it was pure entertainment!! |1||0| Tue26/07/2005|00:38:21AM||SuperFrank||Re: unforgetable|I think the children don't understand. And if they do, it's not my fault ;-)

|0|reply=|1| Fri08/07/2005|21:06:18PM||Desmond||Lollypop (29-6-2005)|Hello Frank,

I must say I enjoyed your show. You told me that I would get a lollypop if I clapped loud enough. Unfortunately I never got one :( I'll try to clap louder next time.

Regards, Desmond|0||0| Tue05/07/2005|22:12:46PM||Jana&Ali||Amsterdam-29.06.05-|We really liked your show and it was a nice introduction to Holland for us and efribody. Greetings to lil' Joshua. We filmed the intro of your show, do you want to have it?|0||0| Fri01/07/2005|19:45:19PM||R & E |none|Amsterdam, June 12 '05|You're great. Thank you.
We loved "Comin' through,
I'm comin' through. Make a hole, make a hole! Oh, I felt just like Moses. Holy Moses!" |0||0| Fri01/07/2005|19:44:04PM||rer|none|show|We saw show in early june and loved it. We tell all who will listen here in Tennessee(USA)of course we aren't as funny and can't ride a unicycle, but we try . See you again next year. |0||0| Mon27/06/2005|19:02:28PM||NikoS||Sunday 26-06-05|Frank you're great. Half an hour of pure entertainment, couldn't stop laughing. We saw your show at 12 o' clock. You're doing a great job, keep on entertaining the people like this. |0||0| Thu23/06/2005|00:37:37AM||AIDAN & CHRIS IRELAND||SUPER SHOW|Great show sat 18 jun, and yes I did put 5 euros in the hat it was well worth it, keepup the great street work hope to see your show again.|1||0| Sat02/07/2005|22:53:07PM||SuperFrank||Re: SUPER SHOW|I wish everybody is like you ... ;-)


|0|reply=|1| Mon20/06/2005|19:11:41PM||alex|show at leidsplein|crazy performer|hi, you are crazy! cool!|0||0| Sat18/06/2005|20:49:18PM||Irene||show 18-06-05|We really enjoyed the show.
Entertainment of a high level. Thanks, it was great.|0||0| Sun05/06/2005|20:57:50PM||Antje & Kidz||Had a gr8 time...|Hi there mister Super Frank :)
My kids and I had a gr8 time this Sunday afternoon around 4 pm (I was the first one to throw to you). NEway, keep up the good work... Amsterdam/the world needs to laugh more often :D

Thanx so much and we will B looking again whenever we R around... take care|0||0| Fri03/06/2005|08:36:27AM||ZBZ||Super lustig!|Tolle Sache - einfachlustig!|0||0| Fri06/05/2005|18:19:28PM||johan wellton||FANTASTIC!!!|A BIG THANK YOU FOR MAKING THE STREET THEATRE SCENE IN AMSTERDAM BETTER!!!!!!!!!

A SMALL STEP FOR ONE PERFORMER, BUT A HUGE STEP FOR MANKIND...|0||0| Wed13/04/2005|10:33:26AM||damien ryan||dankuvel|thank's for all your hard work with the council,looks like i'll have to do a ukulele circle show.musician no permit?|0||0| Fri01/04/2005|21:41:17PM||Web SMS device||i've seen ur show in|i've seen ur show in amsterdam, sooo cool! ur fan|0||0| Fri11/03/2005|18:22:23PM||jon jon||performing in amsterdam|how strict is this non european performers law?? when does the season start for performing?? when does the weather get nice here- im in south of the netherlands and its rainy and cold every day|1||0| Fri11/03/2005|23:18:44PM||SuperFrank||Re: performing in amsterdam|Hi Jon Jon,

I've just sent you an email. You can find some more background info on, also for the latest update on the license situation.


|0|reply=|1| Wed09/03/2005|07:38:18AM||Web SMS device||yo cool show in Amst|yo cool show in Amsterdam thanks regards peter k|0||0| Wed26/01/2005|17:44:28PM||STEFANO||the holy grail!!!|hello! i am stefano i sow your show this summer and was great,you are incredible. i hope to see you and your show again around the world!!!|0||0| Sat09/10/2004|14:01:07PM||Jeff||Where are you?|Frank, is it just me, or do we not see you anymore at the Leidseplein? I live closeby and always opened my window to hear and see you perform. It was hilarious. Where are you?|1||0| Sat09/10/2004|20:31:23PM||SuperFrank||Re: Where are you?|Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the 'local' compliment :-)

I am still in Amsterdam and have been playing sometimes. But the season is coming to an end and I need a little break myself too.

It could be I won't be performing there untill next spring. So you can keep your windows closed, which might be a good idea anyway, winters can be cold ... ;-)


|0|reply=|1| Wed22/09/2004|21:43:28PM||Pete||great|just came back from our holiday in amsterdam. saw you performing at liedseplain in amsterdam last sunday. thank you very much for your show! keep it up! Pete|0||0| Sun19/09/2004|20:37:57PM||marco||Damsterdam|(English translation follows below)

Ik wil Frank en alle andere betrokkenen bedanken voor de te gekke demonstratie. De straat vrij blijven!! En Amsterdam moet niet een van zijn sterkste toeristische trekpleisters in de ban stoppen. Anders komen jullie maar naar Groningen. Groeten!

I want to thank Frank and all the others involved for the great demonstration. The street must stay free!! And Amsterdam should not ban one of its strongest tourist attractions. Otherwise you should come to Groningen. Regards!|1||0| Sun19/09/2004|20:56:04PM||SuperFrank||Re: Damsterdam|Tell the Amsterdam City Council ... :-/

|0|reply=|1| Sat28/08/2004|00:33:57AM||Noor||Groningen|Hey Frank..

So I moved to Tolbert.. Got my card? Will you come by sometime this season? You know you can stay at mine. You don't need the Noorderzon festival to be able to perform here. :) I signed the petition at, I'll send it tomorrow.
Well, I hope I'll see you soon, if you're not to busy with that coucil-crap-thing.. Have they gone mad?
Anyway. I'll text you.
Keep up all of your great work.
Kus, Noor|0||0| Mon23/08/2004|23:38:01PM||Roberto||salutoni|hello frank!I saw your show on 14th of august.I was on holiday on holland.on my trip memories I won't forget your irresistible show...I enjoyed very much.salutoni dall'italia roberto.
p.s. I gave you 1euro!!!|0||0| Mon23/08/2004|10:25:58AM||Dragos||show|Very great!Now can you give me a sweet?|0||0| Mon16/08/2004|19:00:21PM||nappster||asddasbestewennesumrapgeht!|very good show!!!|0||0| Thu05/08/2004|11:53:59AM||Florian||great!!!!|My friend and I (we come from Italy) saw you in Amsterdam...
SuperFrank, you're a SuperGenius!!!|0||0| Tue27/07/2004|18:08:30PM||Luciano||You are fantastic|I and my girlfriend have seen you four days ago in amsterdam... you are fantastic! Excuse me for the english.. but i'm a italian boy..i come from Palermo and i miss amsterdam! BYE BYE!!|0||0| Tue20/07/2004|21:44:58PM||M'ris||much fun :)|Hiii, we just wanted to say that we enjoyed your gig today (20 July, Amsterdam) very much! Unfortunately we couldn't see the whole performing, cause if we should stay, we wouldn't be in time to catch our train ;) but next month one of us will visit Amsterdam again, so hope to see you in August!|0||0| Sun18/07/2004|15:48:50PM||Roeland||Lofprijzing|Heej ouwe:P
Gaaf man, zo'n show in a'dam. Ik was op 13 Juli in A'dam. Daar trad je op voor Madame Toussaud, of hoe het ook heet.
Ik vond je egt heeel grappig. Ik was die jongen die na de show ff langs kwam. Nou suc6 verder, en grapse.
|0||0| Sat17/07/2004|22:27:42PM||flavio||argh!!!|ok, in the last message I have write do and not does, about the telephone...ok! I'm no perfect! bye, bye!!!|1||0| Sat17/07/2004|22:29:14PM||flavio||Re: argh!!!|Why I reply to myself? ...I'm crazy...|0|reply=|1| Sat17/07/2004|22:21:31PM||flavio||great!|I have seen the show today, 17/07/2004, I'm from Italy. I'm looking for a girl-friend. Please contact me... I'm simpathic!!! An example of this...ok: how do the drunk telephone? ...DDDRRIIINNNNKKKKKKKKK!!!! ah, ah, ah... I'm the best... I'm Superflavio!!!!! Write me!|0||0| Tue13/07/2004|16:18:02PM||Alexandra||Great show :o)|Hi Frank!
We saw your show on Saturday 19th june in Amsterdam. It was a great show. We'll be back in Amsterdam in september and we hope to see you again.
Enjoy your life :o>
Alex and Daniel|0||0| Tue06/07/2004|12:26:15PM||freya||nice|HEY!!! just got back from amsterdam, in a midst of drug fuelled haze, saw your show twice, very funny. my friend threw a lighter at you. well done, very good, enjoyed it.|1||0| Mon19/07/2004|13:11:09PM||Monica||Re: nice|yes, jesus christ, you made our holiday!

we love you superfrank xx|0|reply=|1| Mon05/07/2004|18:43:28PM||Diane Wright||Good entertainment!|My husband and I saw you on the morning of Sunday 4th July. We were on a long weekend away from the 'kids' though we do love ours (they are not in the freezer)! Your show was fantastic. We thought that we'd seen some good entertainers both in U.K. and around the world but laughed at your show like we have'nt laughed for a while. Many thanks for being such a good showman and we wish you the greatest success with your future.Diane & Dave|0||0| Sun27/06/2004|17:12:55PM||Kenneth Nauta||show bolsward|Greetings from Sneek (snake)|0||0| Sat19/06/2004|20:45:32PM||Frank||Super,Frank!|Hi,Frank! We've seen your show on June 12th. Really a fantastic show. Please continue!!!!!
Claudia+Frank from germany|0||0| Wed16/06/2004|16:35:06PM||Vincent|(-)|SUPERB|Absolutly a great show.Keep it up!!!!!!!!!|0||0| Tue15/06/2004|19:09:45PM||repsac hudani (marocco)|-|superfrank|I sav you in amsterdem the day hollend played an match against ireland.Damn,you suck|2||0| Tue15/06/2004|19:12:57PM||SuperFrank||Re: superfrank|Hi Repsac,

Thanks for your constructive criticism.

I'm sorry you didn't like my show. I just wonder why did you watch ...


|0|reply=|1| Tue15/06/2004|19:23:40PM||dummyhoofd||Re: superfrank|hahaha casper doe niet lullig! ROFLOLMAO|0|reply=|1| Fri28/05/2004|22:19:30PM||Nora ||ams weekly|hey Frank,
did you see the article? they say they published it in April. i did not see it as i was banished to the US on account of my illegal status. (liked your article on the new license laws by the way.) anyhoo i hope you're doing well! write back if not too busy... |1||0| Tue01/06/2004|13:00:08PM||SuperFrank||Re: ams weekly|Hi Nora,

Yes, I did see the article, pretty nice! I even made it to the front page :-)

I've sent you a private reply email.


|0|reply=|1| Sun25/04/2004|19:06:14PM||doogie|doogieone|license|hi frank I see that you already start?
and I heard this year only dutch people can get a licence|1||0| Wed28/04/2004|19:04:04PM||SuperFrank||Re: license|Hi Doogie,

Yes, my season has already started. Unfortunately, I injured my knee, so I am 'out' for a few weeks. So far, I did only one show this season :-(

As for the license: it's not as bad as it was / seemed initially.
Technically, all EU citizens could get a license and a residency permit is *not* necessary.
Non-EU members are still not entitled to a license, but things *could* change - we are working on it ...

Check out the latest news about this stuff on


|0|reply=|1| Mon05/04/2004|18:31:19PM||ricky||you are the best!!!!!|Hi Frank!!!!How are you?
I'm an Italian and I saw your show last week...tou are great!!!!Too funny!!!Bye Frank!!|0||0| Tue16/03/2004|17:48:42PM||Aretusa||Invitation|When are you coming here to play? Turin needs you (and you could taste some good chocolate as well...)|0||0| Mon22/12/2003|03:05:56AM||brunella||ciao|ciao frank
:->>>)|0||0| Fri31/10/2003|01:49:49AM||elefanti24||...::: UPDATE::: **********-********.** :::...| Viele NEUE Bilder *** ******** ***** *** ****! ***** ***** *** *** ****, ******** ******* *****, ****** ******* *** ***** ******** *** ...

( Sorry, censored by SuperFrank )
|1||0| Fri31/10/2003|02:29:35AM||SuperFrank||Re: ...::: UPDATE::: **********-********.** :::...|Dear elefanti24,

Please, do _not_ spam my message board with messages and/or URL's which are commercial and/or completely off-topic, in any language.

My message board is not your free marketing tool.

On the contrary, placing ads like yours is abusing my resources and degrading the overall value of my message board for the readers.

Please, do _not_ spam my message board again.


|0|reply=|1| Fri05/09/2003|19:05:48PM||Amy||ooo- i saw you!|i saw you whilst iwas in amstewrdam and now i have found your website so you are in my geography project and anyway good show!
i was there the night there was the kid that spoke hewbrew, not that you probably remeber or anything
amy xx|1||0| Fri05/09/2003|19:13:57PM||Amy ||Re: ooo- i saw you!|if it helps at all it was the night there was that old guy taking the piss out you behind you and there was a bit of a row at the end!|0|reply=|1| Thu04/09/2003|08:55:27AM||marco ||lol|Thank you Frank for having such an entertaining website. Good luck with the "petitie"

Marco|1||0| Thu04/09/2003|19:30:45PM||SuperFrank||Re: lol|Hi Marco,

Thanks for your compliment. But eh ... between the lines, are you saying something about my show too ...? ;-)

|1|reply=|1| Fri05/09/2003|10:18:58AM||marco||Re: lol|The last time I've seen it is about 4 years ago as part of the spice boys. I remember your amazing way to mount the unicycle. Anyway, it's about time to see your show again, let me know when you are in the aria of Groningen, or let Jeroen (Antonio from 1 to 7) know, because he is my brother. Greetz, Marco|1|reply=www.superfrank.comThu04/09/200319:30:45PM|2| Fri05/09/2003|11:09:14AM||SuperFrank||Re: lol|Ah, although I was asking for it (...) thanks!

Yes, I remember that show in Groningen: despite the very noisy surroundings we did a very nice show, thanks to a great and very supportive audience. I loved it.

And too bad the Spice Boys came to an end ...

But anyway, I'd love to perform again in Groningen. Unfortunately I didn't make it for this year's Noorderzon festival, but it's on my list for next year ...

If so, I'll let you know. Hope to see you then,

|1|reply=|3| Sun07/09/2003|11:07:15AM||marco||Re: lol|see you next year!|0|reply=www.superfrank.comFri05/09/200311:09:14AM|4| Fri22/08/2003|12:48:48PM||Domien Verschuuren||SuperShow|Hi Frank! You were super man. I saw your show yesterday and you were great; how you handeled that guy that was jelling at you. Really cool man! Keep on the good work, Domien Verschuuren|0||0| Wed20/08/2003|23:04:26PM||Brice||You broke good|Hi boddy, We saw you on the 15th this month. Let me tell you that you were exellent. We love humor and it's hard to find someone to make you laugh after so many joints. But you did it. And for that .... total respect. Oh by the way
I'm sorry for your name :)
Julie & Abel.. Geneva |0||0| Tue19/08/2003|09:34:32AM||Vincent & Charline & Nathan||Great|Hello Frank, we haved the great pleasure to assist to your show of Sunday 17 august. It was wonderfull, we laughed laughed laughed. Thanks|0||0| Mon18/08/2003|14:58:09PM||pat'||your show|Frank !
We saw you this week-end and we had a very good time with you. You'll stay in our memory and continue, cause it's wonderfull to laugh !
Will you come in the Cote d'Azur once ???
P&S|0||0| Fri08/08/2003|00:06:02AM||yonatan||the show|me(yonatan) and my friend(guy) both from israel watched your show a few days ago and really really enjoyed. why don't you consider comming to israel? ;)|0||0| Tue05/08/2003|04:09:11AM||Frank&Chantal||Hi Frank|We have seen your show 2day on damsquare, It was Really great and we hope we see you again soon..!!Bye .Greets Chantal and Frank...(en je bent toch ook nederlands of niet?) translate: You are dutch 2 or not?|1||0| Tue05/08/2003|12:40:14PM||SuperFrank||Re: Hi Frank|Yes, I am Dutch, from Amsterdam, but I am okay ... ;-)

|0|reply=|1| Sun27/07/2003|01:16:40AM||kiz||WOW!!|Hi Frank, me and my friend watched your show about three weeks ago! it was great you really know how to get the crowd going and how to make them laugh! Great Job... dont stop what your doing!|0||0| Sat21/06/2003|10:10:14AM||Tom X Z||Great show|Frank, I watched your show on 20-june-2003 at around 14:15 at the Dam square. Superb!, you really know how to 'move' the crowd. What bought me to the site was the written boldly on your kit box. Hey, great and keep it up!.|0||0| Thu19/06/2003|20:17:12PM||henri||super|wij waren met engelse vrienden in amsterdam en zagen je show,in een woord
fantastisch|0||0| Wed11/06/2003|23:18:45PM||Melanie||Really great!|Hi Frank. I was on your show on Friday,the 29th May.It was the first time,that i saw so what.In germany they don't do this.It was real great.I hope the "Nut-Cracker" Hasn't done you pain... *smile* I really think,that you should come to germany and make your show here.Me,my Dad and my cousin thougt,that it was really funny.Thank you for this show!Hope to see your show again,when i come the next time to the netherlands.Bye, Melanie|0||0| Mon09/06/2003|19:50:13PM||eva||congratulations|Hello,
we have seen your show and we just want to say to you even if we did not win "lollipops" we spent a good time watching you!!!
|0||0| Fri23/05/2003|11:18:00AM||nicola||a bloody good show!!!!!!!!!|hi there frank, i was in amsterdam ia few weeks ago and i seen your show. i was very good i have never laughed so much i hope when i go agin on the 13th june i hope i are indam sqaure agin so i can see your show thank u very much for such a good laugh . if u are there next time i vist ill come over and say hi ok bye for now xxxxxx by the way im from the uk ( newcastle)|0||0| Sun11/05/2003|20:24:17PM||Jakub||tourist from Czech Republic|Hi Frank, I saw your show in DAM square. It is great!
I hope I will see you in next my journey in Amsterodam.|0||0| Wed23/04/2003|13:52:24PM||sophie||well done|heey frank I really laugh about your show Im from holland en I was really entertained|0||0| Wed23/04/2003|01:06:16AM||Julie||Greetings from Costa Rica!|Hey Frank!

Good to hear and read and see that Amsterdam has still one of its best performers!!

Hope you`ll still be around when I come back from Costa Rica - and that will be in January 2004 at the earliest...!

Take care and enjoy yourself!


P.S. Say "Hi" to Adam, Bert and all the other guys should you happen to see them!
|0||0| Mon24/03/2003|12:51:10PM||Marcello||Gran Finale|So great! I was in Amsterdam for 3 days and I couldn't imagine anything better than your show to finish my holiday there. Thank u!|0||0| Mon17/03/2003|19:46:36PM||pieter woortman||ik vind jou erg goed|(English translation follows below)

ik heb jou show zaterdag gezien en die vond ik erg leuk

groeten pieter 8 jaar

Saturday I saw your show and I liked it a lot

bye pieter 8 years old|0||0| Mon28/10/2002|13:02:54PM||kate||from Poland to SuperFrank|How are you?|0||0| Sun27/10/2002|18:34:10PM||eNiGmAz|sorry|where are you????|Hey frank, I never see u any more doing ur show! where are u? will u be back?|0||0| Fri18/10/2002|20:03:32PM||Gideon||Vraagjes... :-S|(English translation follows below)

Hey, ik ben pas 14 maar ik jongleer al bijna 2 jaar.. Ik ben vorige maand zelfs voor het eerst naar Arnhem gegaan om op straat te jongleren. Dat ging wel goed alleen ik weet niet egh hoe ik publiek moet terkken, de meeste mensen die wat geld geven lopen gewoon door... Ik heb het "geheim v/d humor" nog niet ontdekt..Heb jij tips?? En ik heb ook een vraagje over de Amsterdam Street performing School. Hoe kom je daar terecht?? Nou eerst moet ik zeker wat ouder worden haha... Nou mzzl Gideon, mail je ff trug??

Hey, I'm only 14 but I'm juggling already for almost 2 years.. Last month I even went to Arnhem to juggle on the street for the first time. It went pretty well, except I don't really know how to attract an audience, most people who give money just walk on... I haven't discovered the "secret of comedy" yet..You got any tips?? And I have a question about The Amsterdam Street performing School. How do you get there?? Well I guess I first need to get older haha... Well bye Gideon, will you mail me back??|1||0| Sat19/10/2002|16:28:53PM||SuperFrank||Re: Vraagjes... :-S|I just did ;-)

|0|reply=|1| Tue08/10/2002|00:01:53AM||Tony Webber||your site is ...|your site is really looking good Frank.
It's like you man - smooooth.
best of luck, Tony|0||0| Sun06/10/2002|19:36:16PM||Helen||XX from your wife|Hiya Frank!
We saw your show today and we enjoyed ourselves a lot and even my kids who mostly are shy had a good laugh. You pointed me out as being your wife and my husband as our babysitter, my son even got his own parking space from you.
Next time we are in Amsterdam, I call u for making my own parking space!
Thank u again for entertaining us in such a lovely way.

Your "wife"

Helen, and Erik, the babysitter
|1||0| Sun06/10/2002|19:46:00PM||SuperFrank||Re: XX from your wife|Hi Helen,

Sorry, but I can't do that ... Parkeerbeheer is already giving me sh*t for frustrating their business ... ;-)

Thanks & bye,

|0|reply=|1| Sun06/10/2002|01:17:17AM||Reemster||Good work man.|(English translation follows below)

Te gek die show van je Frank! Het is al weer zo'n 5 weken geleden dat wij je show zagen. Maar moest plostseling weer even aan je denken. En zo kwam ik op je message-board terecht. Ik was toen samen met m'n vriendin uit Brazili lekker een dagje aan het struinen in Amsterdam toen we jou die act zagen uitvoeren op de dam. top. Mooi om te zien hoe het publiek en ook wij bij de show werden betrokken. Maar ook mooi om te zien hoe schuw sommige mensen worden als ze merken dat ze in de picture zijn. Ga zo door man! Ciao, ciao. Reem & Ana

Great, that show of yours Frank! It's already about 5 weeks ago that we saw your show. But suddenly had to think of you again. And this is how I came to your message-board. Then I was together with my girlfriend from Brazil, a nice day of strolling in Amsterdam, when we saw you performing that act at dam square. top. Nice to see how teh audience and ourselves were involved by you in your show. But also nice to see how shy some people are getting as soon as they notice they are in focus. Go on man! Ciao, ciao. Reem & Ana|0||0| Wed18/09/2002|19:21:49PM||Jannemiek||Ja... mooi werk!|(English translation follows below)

Super hoe je die super show super uitvoert superfrank. Ik heb super genoten. Dus in n woord: SUPER!

Super how you superbly perform that super show of yours superfrank. I super enjoyed it. So in one word: SUPER!|0||0| Mon16/09/2002|15:58:16PM||Ans||tof|(English translation follows below)

Ik vond je show laatst in Amsterdam echt super tof!!! Ga zo door.

I found your show in Amsterdam the other day really super nice!! Go on.|0||0| Fri13/09/2002|23:09:28PM||Lia||Hi Frank, from England!|I saw your show and just had to visit the website, it was so good. Keep up the good work frank and may I have a LOLLYPOP? !!! :)|0||0| Thu12/09/2002|19:58:54PM||Daan||Hoe maak je een board|(English translation follows below)

Hey super Frankie
Hoe maak je zo'n board?
Kan je me dat ff mailen ofzo
^^zzl Daan

Hey super Frankie
How do you make such a board?
Could you mail me this or so
Bye Daan|1||0| Sun15/09/2002|00:18:27PM||SuperFrank||Re: Hoe maak je een board|I just did ...

|0|reply=|1| Thu12/09/2002|15:27:56PM||linda & varda||super message|hihi :) *faeriedust*|0||0| Wed04/09/2002|15:48:48PM||sara||I was there!|Thank you very much Frank for last saturday (well I think it was last saturday) in Leidseplein.
I think you are really great...and...if you one day will be in Florence, please, let me know.


sara|0||0| Tue03/09/2002|14:07:29PM||Bob van Ravensberg||Thank You !!!|I would like to thank you for the wonderfull show on 'De Dam' you gave last Sunday!
It was a lot of fun!
I also like to appologise for all them cheap ones who were looking at your show the whole time, but still ran away when you finished without paying...
I hope you enjoyed it in Amsterdam too and I hope to see you soon!!!|0||0| Tue03/09/2002|12:07:44PM||carlos vamos||the other talents of superfrank|He is a very good camera man as well, i know cause I have seen it...|1||0| Tue03/09/2002|12:23:02PM||SuperFrank||Re: the other talents of superfrank|Thx! :-)

|0|reply=|1| Mon02/09/2002|19:05:10PM||sil & lil||Your show is like drugs |hey SUPERFRANKY your show is like a nasty drug, it makes u real high, we're laughing all along. especialy your children's treatment. hope we see you again in the future so we doesn't have to take some drugs;)
GreetZ from SiL & LiL |1||0| Tue03/09/2002|12:28:29PM||SuperFrank||Re: Your show is like drugs |Besides, it's healthier - and cheaper ;-)

|0|reply=|1| Sat31/08/2002|12:37:31PM||Ricardo||Gewoon goed,maar......|(English translation follows below)

Hoi Frank,

Ik kom wel eens naar je show kijken maar wat me wel eens opvalt is dat je dan dingen klaarlegt die je helemaal niet gebruikt!!
Bijv. Vorige week zondag lag je de diabolo aan het begin klaar maar die heb je niet gebruikt,waarom niet?
Maar ik wil wel zeggen dat je het goed kunt!,waar heb je dit geleerd?
Ik kan ook al een beetje jogngeren met diabolo en balletjes.
Misschien kom ik volgende week weer eens kijken op de Dam.
Ik moet nog even naar de staalstraat misschien damstraat om wat nieuwe stokjes te kopen voor de diabolo(haal jij je spullen ook daar?)
Nou,tot ziens!!!
Ricardo uit Amsterdam-Noord
Kom je ook eens in Noord?

Hi Frank,

Sometimes I come and watch your show, but I noticed sometimes you set up things which you don't use at all!!
For instance, last week Sunday you put the diabolo at the beginning, but you didn't use it, why not?
But I want to say that you are good at it! Where did you learn this?
I can also juggle a bit with the diabolo and balls.
Maybe next week I come and watch again.
I have to go to the Staalstraat, maybe Damstraat to buy some new sticks for the diabolo (do you get your props there too?)
Well, see you!!!
Ricardo from Amsterdam-Noord
Will you come to Noord some time?|1||0| Tue03/09/2002|12:36:04PM||SuperFrank||Re: Gewoon goed,maar......|Hi Ricardo,

Sometimes I use the diabolo, sometimes I don't. This depends on practical and 'spiritual' circumstances, like the weather and the 'pace' of the show and the audience.
I always set it up at the beginning of the show, but the decision whether to use it or not, I usually make just very short before.

I hope you are not disappointed ...


|0|reply=|1| Sat31/08/2002|03:46:25AM||Arek|youknow@!|:)|YO! your show is getting better and better ,but I think in the way I push you to meke few changes.Do you agree?:)|1||0| Sat31/08/2002|10:34:03AM||SuperFrank||Re: :)|Yes ;-)|0|reply=|1| Wed28/08/2002|22:38:29PM||Antonio Pace||complimenti|(English translation follows below)

Io e la mia famiglia abbiamo avuto il piacere di ammirarti in Agosto. Siamo rimasti impressionati sia delle tue capacit atletiche ma soprattutto della tua grande capacit di intrattenere il pubblico. Mio figlio (6 anni) non voleva avvicinarsi a guardarti ma quando lo spettacolo finito era veramente entusiasta. Noi siamo siciliani (Palermo). Ci piacerebbe vederti esibire nella nostra citt.
Complimenti !

Me and my family had the pleasure to see you in August. We were impressed with, first of all, your athletic abilities, but most of all with your great ability to entertain the audience. My son (6 years old) didn't want to come closer to watch, but when the show had finished, he was really enthousiastic. We are from Sicilia (Palermo). We would like to see you perform in our city.
Compliments !
Bye|1||0| Sat31/08/2002|02:30:09AM||SuperFrank||Re: complimenti|(English translation follows below)

Ciao Antonio,

Mi piacerebbe molto esibirmi nella vostra citt. Il publico italiano uno dei miei preferiti!
Ma un longo viaggio (chi paga il biglietto dell'aereo?) e inoltre avrei bisogno del permesso del Municipio - e di quello del Padrino ... ;-)
Ma, non si sa mai, magari un giorno verr l ...


P.S. Se volete riscrivermi per favore fatelo in inglese, perch il mio italiano fa schifo e ho avuto bisogno dell'aiuto di un'amica per la traduzione.

Hi Antonio,

I would love to play in your city. The Italian audience is one of my favorites!
But it's a long way (who pays the plane ticket?) and I would need permission from the city - and of course The Godfather ... ;-)
But, you never know, maybe one day I'll be there ...


P.S. If you want to write me more, please write in English, because my Italian is a big mess and for the translation I needed the help of a friend.
|0|reply=|1| Sat24/08/2002|14:41:11PM||Robin||Leuk|(English translation follows below)

Ik vond je show echt vet kool op de dam in A'dam!



I found your show really fat cool at dam sqaure in Amsterdam!


Robin|0||0| Sat24/08/2002|00:28:09AM||Paula||TODAY|Today I saw your show, but not only me there were a lot of people! One of them was my brother who is very critical and he loved your performance, even though you have the flue!! I hope you'll take the weekend off so you can recover!

Paula|1||0| Sat24/08/2002|15:37:10PM||SuperFrank||Re: TODAY|I think I need to take a few *months* off ... ;-)

|0|reply=|1| Fri23/08/2002|22:04:53PM||Suzanna||the canadian hot performer|who was this hot canadian performer in amsterdamm? I saw him a few weeks ago there...|1||0| Sat24/08/2002|15:32:29PM||SuperFrank||Re: the canadian hot performer|A hot performer, that must be me ...?! ;-) But I am not Canadian ...
Oooooooh, I understand, I think you mean Acron. Well, that was Acron.

|0|reply=|1| Fri23/08/2002|09:14:33AM||kessy||i have seen u'r show|i have u'r show in amsterdam leidsplein and was a nice show.|0||0| Sat17/08/2002|21:49:04PM||Fausto Ortega Villarreal||Awsome!!|Hey Super Frank!! Im Fausto from Mexico, and I saw your show in Amsterdam this July, i didnt liked Amsterdam at all but when people ask about it Ialways say that the best thing of this place was your show...It was really great!... Even that the police interrupted it!
Congratulations|0||0| Thu15/08/2002|23:53:11PM||luki & family||Amsterdam|Hi Superfrank:

We saw your show on monday 12.8.02. It was lovely. We wonder if you would perform also in Israel. We are the family that you draw a chalk parking place. I am the one who asked you after the show if you also speak Hebrew. I hope to hear from you. By the way I am 12 years old.

Bye|0||0| Mon12/08/2002|12:11:12PM||Pascal||saw your show|Hi Frank! Last thursday I was in Amsterdam and what did I saw there? It was your show. And it was pretty good. You know how to hand your audience. It was realy cool. So I want to say say "thank you" for this great show. I realy was impressed.
Your Pascal from Germany|0||0| Sun11/08/2002|23:31:24PM||Amir Yevnin||i saw your show|i saw it and also took part in your show, in the superman part. i liked your show very much.
I am from israel and i gave you 3 euro.

|1||0| Fri23/08/2002|09:12:52AM||kessy||Re: i saw your show|i saw u'r show and was very nice.|0|reply=|1| Sun11/08/2002|21:59:23PM||ineke||de dam|sorry, I hadn't read the-write-in-English-message. So the translation: I ejoyed tremendously the part of the show you gave at the Dam sundayafternoon. I'm sorry i was completly out of money so no "beer" from me. But I thought you appreciate an e-mail message as well. (not that it pays but anyhow) |0||0| Sun11/08/2002|21:55:35PM||ineke||de dam|Ik heb genoten vandaag! Had absoluut geen losgeld bij me dus vandaar dit mailtje om te vertellen dat ik het vreselijk leuk heb gevonden. (levert je nog geen euro op, maar goed)|0||0| Fri09/08/2002|22:08:17PM||Emma||Dam square|I saw your show in Dam Square last week whilst I was on holiday in Amsterdam, and thought it was funny. I also decided to look this site up as I didn't believe it existed, but was prooved wrong. It is great. Hope to see you in London sometime.|0||0| Fri09/08/2002|22:03:36PM||Angela||Today's show!|Hi Frank,

I've got just one thing to say:
Your show today was fantastic!!

Love, Angela|0||0| Thu08/08/2002|12:39:47PM||elwruks||frank|yo Superfrank
you are the best street performer i have ever seen
your show was great
i was laughing all the time
keep it that way
your big fan-MACIEK(POLAND)|0||0| Thu08/08/2002|03:40:18AM||minesh ||you are wicked|we saw you today and we gave u 10 euros you sud be happy and u sud get a beer and a bonner! |0||0| Wed07/08/2002|19:30:39PM||KHEANS||show|hey Frank je show van vanmiddag was heel leuk
nog veel succes verder
groetjes Hans uit Almere|0||0| Tue06/08/2002|19:11:41PM||Crackerhash||Show in Amsterdam|Hi Frank,

Great show on the Dam(n) in Amsterdam. Little Maria helped you, remember it?

Never tought you'd would have such a professional website. Proficiat and lots of succes!

|0||0| Tue06/08/2002|07:07:09AM||Elena||Congratulations!!!|I saw your show last weekend in Amsterdam and just can say you are GREAT. Keep doing so wonderful things for all the people that apreciate what you do. Take care.|0||0| Sun04/08/2002|12:37:33PM||yarel|d|Wow|i am from israel and i see you at the dam squre
you were great!
My sister gived you 2 euro
:(|1||0| Sun04/08/2002|16:11:43PM||SuperFrank||Re: Wow|Thanks!

Btw, I wish everybody was like your sister ... ;-)

|0|reply=|1| Sat03/08/2002|17:23:19PM||Nick||you are good.....|HEEEEEEEe Superfrank......ive seen your show in amsterdam on 2 august 2002...( last week ) father harry has helped you with your show to tie you op and sow....ive really enjoyd it..... bye

|0||0| Thu01/08/2002|20:17:10PM||Sanne & Thijs Coolen||You're fantastic!|We saw your show yesterday. We enjoyed it very much, you are really funny!!! Good luck with everything and especially with your show. You're fantastic!|0||0| Sun28/07/2002|17:30:21PM||Yonathan||U R great|hey i'm Yonathan from Israel i've watched your show and I very enjoyed that...good luck|0||0| Tue23/07/2002|16:18:20PM||sjaak||u suck|if you want to work with kids you have learn some language of kids. your not getting better by pulling others down. you have to earn simpaty from the audiense.|1||0| Tue23/07/2002|16:21:45PM||SuperFrank||Re: u suck|Dear Sjaak,

You are totally right, sympathy and respect you have to earn.

What I do not understand is what I did wrong in your perception. If you would be a bit more specific, it wouldn't sound so much like just a session of screaming insults, and I could give you some sense making response.

I am waiting ...

|0|reply=|1| Fri19/07/2002|18:04:46PM||Faidra||euhmmm|Say your show in amsterdam (jaja) - 18.07.2002 - eheh very GOOD!! well, u read this kind of stuff sure 20 times a day, but i wanted to say it also :P continue what u do right now en c ya next time!!!|0||0| Thu18/07/2002|20:16:56PM||Gusmi||Superfrank, eres un crack|Eh, to, eres un genio! El otro da estaba de vacaciones en Bruselas y vi que haba mucha gente amontonada. Me acerqu...y all estaba SUPERFRANK metendose con unos msicos que estaban intentndole hacerle la competencia, pero que pronto tuvieron que abandonar porque todos preferan a FRANK.
|0||0| Wed17/07/2002|19:04:36PM||mau||I love you(r show)!|helllllllooooooo suuuuuuuperfrank! i just watched your show, though i live in amsterdam i've never seen your show until today... it was really IMPRESSIVE and you are greaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!
and reallyreallyreallyreally funny..mhihihi... i got pain in my stomach from laughing so hard my compliments for you!!!! byebyeeeeeee |1||0| Thu18/07/2002|23:10:19PM||Sandra&Ruud||Re: I love you(r show)!|Dear Frank.
Ialso was there 17-7 and watched your show together with mij boyfriend.We life nearby Amsterdam and we're there almost once a month,but we never saw you before.I think your show was great and you're a really good performer.Keep up the good work!!!!! Our compliments
Greetzzzz Sandra&Ruud|0|reply=|1| Fri12/07/2002|17:32:25PM||kangoo||breakdance|Hello Frank! Give me all your money - give my e-mail to Sliwa I come to Amsterdam in 17.07.2002. See Youuu. peace
KNR|1||0| Fri12/07/2002|17:36:02PM||SuperFrank||Re: breakdance|Yo, cool! I just did ...

See ye then - but take an umbrella :-\

|0|reply=|1| Tue09/07/2002|20:45:58PM||BlueHatMan||Such an excellent, professional show!|I saw your show in Amsterdam's major town square on the 29th of June, and I just have to say that I loved it. I can see that you and your partner have created a very exciting and unusual method of making an honest living. I respect you very much for this, and I am very glad that I found your excellent and super-entertaining show to pass the time. Thanks for so many laughs, Frank! May you be forever prosperous and happy! :)|0||0| Sun07/07/2002|15:47:50PM||Leo||Frank = super|Frank, je bent echt goed, vandaag gezien in Amsterdam. Ga zo door! Groeten van een collega straatgoochelaar, Leo Triminio|0||0| Tue02/07/2002|07:57:39AM||webby||quality tunage|saw your show in the dam square in amsterdam last week, and was wondering what the music you were using was and who it was by?
|1||0| Sat06/07/2002|18:52:32PM||SuperFrank||Re: quality tunage|Hi Webby,

Usually I do shows by myself, but in June I have also worked on a new project with a partner. I assume you are talking about this two-person show, the "Paparazzi Brothers".

In this show we use music which I edited and compiled myself, but the sources are respectively
- James Brown: The Payback,
- Tower Of Power: Diggin' On James Brown,
and a whole bunch of short samples.

But, just in case ... ;-)
Solo I also use pieces of
- Jurassic 5: Lesson 6 - The Lecture,
- Khachaturian: Adagio from Spartacus,
- Prokofiev: Classical Thunder,
and short samples from everywhere.

I hope you liked our/my show as much as the music ... ;-)


|0|reply=|1| Sun30/06/2002|19:45:38PM||Sander||Kei gaaf|Hi Superfrank,
We hebben je show in Amsterdam gezien en hij was zeer de moeite waard.

Groeten Sander|0||0| Wed26/06/2002|03:47:45AM||Mennow||*Whaaaaaaaah*|Nouw kheb je show nu twee keer gezien ofsow, blijft leuk, alleen je 'broer' die nu meedoet, neej kvon het leuker toen je eht nog alleen deed met die fakkels zoals je altijd op leidse deed :P CyA!|1||0| Wed26/06/2002|04:00:53AM||Mennow||Re: *Whaaaaaaaah*|Ow i sould write in english i saw too late...

well what i was saying was that i was gay...whehe :) LOL No, i was saying that i saw his show past sunday orsow at the dam square with his "brother" but his show at the leidse square was better :) With the flames and when he did it alone. :)

GO FRANK! CyA!|0|reply=|1| Wed12/06/2002|07:30:27AM||Frank||toch wel grappig|toch ben je wel cool ondanks dat je dat menneke liet janken omdat je em in amsterdam op de dam liet schrikken met je pistool.. Groetjes, Je naamgenoot|0||0| Sun12/05/2002|06:53:33AM||Leonie||great show!! :-)|Hey Frank! I saw your show yesterday (May 11th) in Amsterdam, and I wanted to say that it was a great show! I realy enjoyed it. Keep on going! :)|0||0| Fri10/05/2002|19:01:42PM||a.lunter||Heechspanning|We enjoy your show in Sneek ( Joke ) Heeg.

Fam Lunter|0||0| Fri10/05/2002|13:37:47PM||Arjan||Heeg|Hey Frank,

I`f seen your show in Heeg last weekend i`d realy enjoyd it.
i`l hope you come again some time becos your the greatest.
And i hope that you will go on some time with it.
Onley becairfull next time when you trow that object in the sky .. you know.. the one witch the 2 sticks and the robe .. it didnt worked out the first time and i had it allmost at ma head.. but ihm ok.. and the second time it was succesfull an realy hight to.. hey Frank have fun and keep up the good work. GreetZz Arjan |0||0| Mon15/04/2002|11:57:18PM||Michael|Michael.Sienda@HQ.1AD.ARMY.MIL|I saw you|SuperFrank, My wife and I enjoyed your show in Amsterdam on Sat. Keep up the great fun!|0||0| Sun31/03/2002|18:28:51PM||Andre van Es||goeie show|frank, ik was bij je show en ik vond em heel leuk.,

ik was bij die enen met die russische mensen. hahaha.
ik vond het echt heel leuk. ik was samen met mijn zoon julien.
hij zou het leuk vinden als je hem ondanks je drukke schema terug kon mailen (JULIENSIMMONS@HOTMAIL.COM)

alvast bedankt en nog vel succes met je shows|0||0| Fri29/03/2002|00:18:49PM||Fenna||Hello SF...........|Hello SF,

Just in case the message never got through.....we both realy enjoyed your show on Sat 23/3.. BUT i never got a lollipop for holding your 3rd batton....! Keep it up..really great show..we both enjoyed it (remember??..I bet you don't)

Love Fenna
Northern Ireland|0||0| Sun21/10/2001|22:38:16PM||Glen||Top Man !!|Frank, We saw your show on SUN 14th October 2001.
Me and my wife laughed till we cried....sooo funny man.
Anyway well worth #### *) gilders
glen & deena

*)   censored by SuperFrank ;-)|0||0| Sat29/09/2001|08:33:17AM||Juan|no|que bien!!!!|Hola Superfrank! We realy liked your spectacle, we enjoyed with all our family. You make our day the best day of our holiday!!! And your espaol is more better then my english!! We hope to see you egain in Spain. Hasta luego and greetings from Fernando, Carmen and Juan!!!|0||0| Thu30/08/2001|13:50:29PM||Sally||Absolutely fab!!!!!!|Hi super Frank I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed your show yesterday, when my brother Joe was your coat hanger.He would like to know if it makes enough money for a future career???|0||0| Fri17/08/2001|12:23:01PM||thomas|dat doet er niet toe|je show|he frank,
ik hoop dat je dit kunt lezen (daar ga ik wel van uit want volgens mij ben je ook gewoon nederlands).ik vind je show heel leuk vooral toen ik hem voor het eerst zag(duh). het zou misschien leuk zijn als je weer es want nieuws verzint voor je ackt op het leidseplein. ik zie je nog wel op het leidseplein o fop de dam!
thomas|0||0| Fri17/08/2001|11:30:03AM||frnk|nil|sercets|i think you are the one who know the secrets of street performance: to make audience have fun. you know, no matter how many techniques you play (lot of people can do unicycle and 3 clubs), we won't pay you. but you are different. you make fun. you make us laugh at the boring streets. we feel it worths 5 guilders. you succeed, as you know the secrets.

|0||0| Mon06/08/2001|00:11:17AM||Peach||Leidseplein|Frankyboy,

we're the Swisscouple from the Leidseplein, you've made our day in Amsterdam!!!!After being robbed,mugged,huressed and arrested by the cops, you have made our stay worthwile.
Thks Peach and Catherine

Danke vielmal und ufwiederloeke|0||0| Sat04/08/2001|21:12:49PM||Dalal Al- Fahad||hi|hi super frank ,
i want to toled you that ihave ever seen like that show it's realy more than perfact i saw it in amsterdam ,and iwant to thank you for that ... i foret to toled you that i'm from Kuwait and for give me if there is any languge mistek :) buy and thank you again .|0||0| Sat04/08/2001|17:47:00PM||Bridget and Joe||show in Dam square|Dear Frank, we saw your show on Wednesday it was really great, hope you enjoyed your beer. We were checking out your website as our dad said it wouldn't really exist, he now owes us money, thanks Frank. Greetings from the UK|0||0| Thu02/08/2001|18:59:17PM||Dhira||nice one...|HEy I'm fromIndonesia...
and It's good to see a quality show from a street performer....

you really pushed hard to have the law to be just so that you can do the performing....

Really, I saw you at Dam today.... And all I can say is keep the show go on!!! :)|0||0| Thu02/08/2001|15:31:35PM||Martn||Amsterdam July28th |I also saw your show at the Leidseplein... you're great!
By the way: I gave you 10 gulden, how was the beer? :)|0||0| Sun29/07/2001|09:53:17AM||willem||great|Hey Frank I saw you on saterday the 28 of july in Amsterdam on the leidseplein, and I like your show very much. I hope I see you again.|0||0| Wed25/07/2001|20:47:43PM||Chicco||Your Show...|I am the one who gave you 50 guilders yesterday on the Leidseplein, remember ?|1||0| Thu26/07/2001|02:11:18AM||SuperFrank||Re: Your Show...|Usually I don't reply to messages of people donating less than 100 guilders, but okay, just for one time ... :

Sorry, no, I don't remember. In fact, yesterday I did not perform at all. You must confuse me with someone else.

However, there is a way to compensate this awfull mistake. My postbank account number is 39 33 285.
Thanks in advance ;-)

|0|reply=|1| Sun08/07/2001|23:22:17PM||Esther + Bert||WMC Kerkrade|Hi, Superfrank,
Sunday,08-07-01, we were in
Kerkrade,our hometown, at the WMC and saw youre show.
We were very amused.
A very funny and good show.

Greetings from Kerkrade,
Esther + Bert|0||0| Wed20/06/2001|22:28:10PM||sara revai||showtime in no time|my grandmother lives in amsterdam, we always visit her and of course you and john paul. your the best and i hope once you will visit hungary/it is also a question/ if it is not so intim i want to know your and johns the streetart is your only job?if you have time please write to me love sara ps.:i want to try your nutcracker cicle once|0||0| Sun17/06/2001|11:50:23AM||Lucy |XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX|Simply the best |Hi Frank me and my friend Gem are always in Covent Garden and have watched your show time and time again ! We never get bored coz you are SIMPLY THE BEST ! Keep smiling and be Happy :-) Good Luck for the future from LUCY X X X |0||0| Tue12/06/2001|21:51:14PM||ximon||Will you ever come to the UK?|I saw u in amsterdam on a school trip and me and the rest of my friends were wondering if you ever come to the UK? If so where and when? Keep up the good work, your show is hilarious!!|1||0| Tue19/06/2001|15:57:47PM||Harry||Re: Will you ever come to the UK?|yes he does, he's in leicester square RIGHT NOW! I mean as I write this he is... telling people off for not clapping enough hehe|1|reply=|1| Thu21/06/2001|14:47:17PM||Long John|j@j.j|Re: Will you ever come to the UK?|He is here most days, we actually see him from our office and his show is never the same twice, er, yeh right. Keep the good work frank, and maybe youll graduate to the type of unicycle the scots guy was riding. |1|reply=|2| Wed27/06/2001|10:10:16AM||SuperFrank||Re: Will you ever come to the UK?|Is this a compliment or ... ???

Anyway, remember: it's not only size that matters ... ;-)


|0|reply=|3| Sun10/06/2001|18:28:26PM||loz||so super.....|hi frank...saw u in london on saturday, and noticed ur domain name...i too am super, good luck ... and on with the show..signed|0||0| Thu07/06/2001|19:50:18PM||Joshua and his Dad!|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|Covent Garden 7/6/01|We stumbled across your show today in Covent Garden and of all the places we visited today yours was truly the best and by far the cheapest!! Despite some stick from some Dutch kids you managed to entertain us for ages. You made my son Joshua into "Superman" and a coat peg etc, he keeps telling his mates about you!
Keep up those fantastic skills and that wicked wit. Well worth a few quid in your hat.


Chris and Joshua, London. |0||0| Mon21/05/2001|23:50:58PM||paul||ur show|just to say enjoyed your show so much still laughing about it 2 weeks later,keep up the good work frank .ps if you ever come to uk do you need a manager ?|0||0| Mon21/05/2001|11:39:12AM||SuperFrank||Thanks !!!|Hi everybody,

I just want to express my appreciation to all who make the effort to express their appreciation on this message board! I can not do a good show without your good help; your positive feedback keeps me going!
Thanks again - and don't stop ... ;-)


|0||0| Sat19/05/2001|13:44:29PM||sarah benkalai||wow!|hi i saw ur show on sunday night and i thought it was brilliant.we came with our school from england and ur show really made our evening special!so thank u and keep up the good work!!!|0||0| Sun13/05/2001|10:19:50AM||Martijn|/|Cool|Frank, je was super cool in Amsterdam: MIJN COMPLIMENTEN!!!|0||0| Sat28/04/2001|19:16:05PM||Mike||funinthesun|...good humour Frank, stumbled across you at Liedseplein over Easter and it was a blast. When I'm in Amsterdam must see your street show again...cheers|0||0| Sat23/12/2000|06:28:55AM||POOP MAN|POOPMAN@YAHOO.COM|POOP|i AM TAKING A BIG POOP RIGHT NOW AAAHHHH|1||0| Sat23/12/2000|20:23:06PM||SuperFrank||Re: POOP|Dear poop guy,

That's very nice.

In fact, I believe it is so interesting for everybody to know, I would *never ever* consider deleting your posting.

Have a nice one,


Oh bytheway ... don't forget to take down your pants and sit down first.

|0|reply=|1| Thu16/11/2000|22:25:54PM||Sharon||!|Frank im so h....|0||0| Sat28/10/2000|22:57:47PM||CODY||In cauda venenum|I begin to be in love with you Frank...hey...cuidado...i'm not gay...plutot gai...pfffff...qu'est ce que fout ici moi?? Cum to see me --->
J'habite la...
>|0||0| Sat26/08/2000|19:21:53PM||FRIENDS from PESARO (ITALY)||HELLO ! ! !|You are the best ! !
We are italians and we look you in Amsterdam one week last...

bye bye|0||0| Fri25/08/2000|15:04:27PM||Alan||children|We must have watched your excellent show and those of the other fantastic street performers at least 10 times as our 4 year old boy was hooked like ourselves. (and yes we did pay... everytime!) Now he won't stop standing on top of a chair throwing things in the air... help! :-)|0||0| Sun20/08/2000|18:03:33PM||Levo||Great Show!!!|Watched your show at Leidseplein and all I can say is that it was awesome .Ever happen to visit Istanbul,Turkey drop me an e-mail.|0||0| Sat12/08/2000|16:32:43PM||dr dre||donotknow|hi there everybody we watched your show in A'dam and we just want to say we liked it!

greetings 2 american girls and 1 dutch guy|0||0| Sat12/08/2000|03:31:32AM||Niklas||U r the greatest|Frank u r the greatest 2 bad you couldn't finish your show on the 11th of august because those 2 b*tches refused to pick up object number 1 and 2.
But me and my friends sure did enjoy what we've seen of your show! keep the good stuff coming.
Best wishes Niklas|3||0| Sat12/08/2000|22:31:49PM||Robin||Re: U r the greatest|U truly the greatest... Your talent shouldn't be wasted on people like those 2 bitches... Come to Veenendaal when your in the neighbourhood, because people recognise and respect talent over there... Cya there... |0|reply=|1| Sat12/08/2000|23:42:46PM||peter|no|Re: U r the greatest|frank don't let those two bitches fuck you up. if they just wanna suck they shoudl find a boyfriend and stay away from your show!!!!|0|reply=|1| Sun13/08/2000|00:13:35AM||SuperFrank||Re: U r the greatest|Hmmm ... I just feel I have to reply to these messages.

Very rarely my show gets wasted by some - let's say 'unpleasant' - members of the audience. Usually I am able to forget them and solve the problem in some way. Just sometimes, like this time, it gets too much (yes, I am a human being too, with feelings and emotions) and I get really pissed off and feel abused.

My show is like life, it only works with giving and getting. I hate one-way-streets and destructive behaviour. But the bottomline is that it's more their problem than mine, for me it finishes with the show ... ;-)

I feel bad for the people who *did* enjoy my show and had to 'pay' for those two.

Sorry, and thanks for the support ...


|1|reply=|1| Wed30/08/2000|19:23:41PM||MISS J||Re: U r the greatest|he babe je moet je niet zo druk maken joh
als mensen je niet leuk vonden had je gene publiek dan was je inmiddels straatarm geweest en was je ander werk gaan doen of niet dan niet iedereen kan je leuk vinden KISS MISS J |1|reply=www.superfrank.comSun13/08/200000:13:35AM|2| Thu31/08/2000|18:54:24PM||~* Lady_K*~||Re: U r the greatest|(kus MISS J zie dat jij hier ook al was, luv ya)
Hiya Frank
neem aan dat ik gewoon in het nederlands mijn verhaal kan doen? je show was hartstikke leuk laatst op het leidse sorry weet niet meer wanneer was een dinsdag maar goed mijnhersenswerkenw at minder in de vakantie.hmm las net dat verhaal van die twee wijffies die je show verneukte, sommige mensen zijn gewoon zielig!! ik vond het leuk, was de bedeoling dat ik en MISS J die hier ook al schreef wat zouden gaan drinken maar we bleven dus hangen omdat jij bezig was het plein op zijn kop te zetten. heb genoten, succes!!! knuffel Kim |1|reply=|3| Wed07/08/2002|19:42:30PM||KHEANS||Re: U r the greatest|ja vind ik ook|0|reply=|4| Sun06/08/2000|20:12:14PM||neus||fun|frank u r great...
had a lovely time at ur show on the leidse plein...
i just moved over here, Amsterdam is great cous u r great!!!|0||0| Sun30/07/2000|21:15:20PM||Remke||Joggling Frankie|What a great show in Amsterdam on the 30th of June;

Greetings Tom and Remke|0||0| Tue25/07/2000|20:32:29PM||William||congratulations|i was this week-end (23july)to Amsterdam, thank a lot for your great show.
I'll remember this day.
Bye Franky
William (from Brussels)|0||0| Wed07/06/2000|15:54:14PM||SuperFrank||Hi everyone !!!|Hi there,

Well, from now on the message board is open to everyone. Anything you want to say to me or in general, dodgy discussions, questions, buying/selling related stuff, whatever ... spit it out!


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